“Find the Essence of Infinity” indicates that Xibo Culture is seeking for ambitious and like-minded friends with an open and
cooperative spirit. “The essence of infinity” comes from Tao Te Ching by Lao Zi (an ancient philosopher, founder of Taoism)
and it can be explained as a state, a pattern, or an ability to effectively control the resources in the commercial society.

This is what Xibo Culture and its “friends” are pursuing: find the essence of infinity, and become the master of it eventually.

Xibo is committed to creating a platform-type operation company for exhibition operation. It will provide commercialized service for

exhibition projects through integration, planning, operation, communication, execution, and analysis. Also, Xibo will independently

originate and organize new events and projects according to its visionary judgment of the market environment.



Hangzhou Xibo Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and it originally serviced Hangzhou West Lake International Expo on brand promotion. Renamed after Hangzhou Xibo Culture Communication Co., Ltd., this company was titled as an Outstanding Service Unit for Hangzhou Exhibition, and it has been involved in Shanghai World Expo, World Leisure Expo, G20 Hangzhou Summit and several other large exhibition projects. Its scope of business is the brand innovation, operation and development for exhibition industry.

In 2015, the 17th Edition of Investment & Trade Symposium, Zhejiang, China was held by FT Chinese together with Xibo Successfully.

In 2016, the company participated in the G20 Hangzhou Summit national ceremony organization and had made its own contribution for the success of the summit.

After four year’s cultivation,2016 ADM has now become Asia's largest design management forum and the largest domestic innovation exhibition.

Xibo participated in the overall process of the project. Xibo has made all-around developement in respect of core business, operating business and self-operated business and has played a significant role in operating each project successfully.

Company Address: No. 9, Changshou Road, Xiacheng
District, Hangzhou
Museum Address: No. 41-42 Beishan Road.
P.C.: 310006
Tel: 86-571-85120502
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Website: www.xc1860.net

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Xibo is committed to creating a platform-type operation company for exhibition operation.

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